The DISHHA roadmap is a snapshot of our upcoming tools and features.

FSM v1.1 statewide rollout
Product rollout and adoption in 66 (32 in phase 1 and 34 in phase 2) urban local bodies (ULBs) in Odisha.
FSM v1.2
New version release with advance balance payment and update trips multiple times with UI/UX enhancements.
Urban Management Centre-Garima
Co-creation with the urban municipal corporation as part of 'Garima,' a new scheme to ensure the safety and dignity of core sanitation workers.
Vendors as business users
Enabling non-ULB (private vendors) on our platform.

  • Vehicle tracking: Track desludging vehicles that are servicing the requests from citizens.
  • Integration with IoT devices: Integrating IoT devices to track performance and assess standards at the faecal sludge treatment plant.
  • Emergency Response Sanitation Unit (ERSU): integration with the Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) module.
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Quarter 1: April-June 2022
Quarter 2: July-September 2022